What To Do When Network Marketing Is Not Working For You

We felt it was important to discuss the topic because we know that many of you are out there building your Network Marketing business with passion. You are doing just about all you can, but for some reason you’re just not getting the results that you were expecting.

We completely understand where you are because this was our story just a few years ago. The longer we continued to grind in our business with little to no results the more we wondered if we were ever going to experience that breakthrough that our upline kept promising would happen for us.

So if this is you right now then what should you do? Should you stick it out for a few more years? Should you start building another Network Marketing business with a new sponsor and a new product? Do you perhaps start a different type of home business? Or should you just quit altogether?

Well, we are going to go over exactly what your options are and let you know what we did to turn things around in our business.

Is Quitting An Option?

Ok, so what do you do when your Network Marketing Business is just not working for you?

Well, if you are still passionate about earning residual income and retiring early from your job so you can experience a lifestyle of financial and time freedom then the last thing you want to do is quit altogether.

Understand that the reason WHY you started your business in the first place is the leverage and additional income that you were looking to create from home and Network Marketing is just one option.

Now we truly love the Network Marketing industry and believe it is a great option for many, however we also understand that Network Marketing isn’t a good fit for everybody.

Why Do People Struggle In Network Marketing?

One of the biggest investments that you are required to make in Network Marketing is the investment into helping other people, which is a good thing. It is a relationship-based business and your success is based on helping others succeed first. Now often you will put in a lot of work to recruit, train and develop others individuals hoping to find just one person who will be as committed as you, but instead most end up quitting – and that’s the challenge for most people.

This was our experience and we were wondering with all the work we were putting in if we were ever going to find others who would stay the course and not give up so easily on their dreams.

And we’re saying that you should not give up so easily on your dreams either because there are other ways to achieve your WHY from home or using the internet.

What Other Options Do I Have?

Nowadays you can sell just about anything online. For example, you could create a product or acquire one from somewhere else and resell it online – like in e-commerce. Now the problem with e-commerce is you have to deal with things like inventory, shipping & delivery, customer service and all that which can be time consuming.

Another more streamlined option is drop shipping where you don’t have to deal with the products yourself as they are shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer, however you still have to deal with customer service issues and coordinating returns to the manufacturer and things like that.

Now we understand that what attracts many people to Network Marketing is the done-for-you business system where the product, shipping, customer service and all the items dealing with logistics and infrastructure is handled by the company. Also, people love the idea of creating leverage and having money continuously coming in so they can have the flexibility to live life on your terms.

Is There Anything I Can Do That Is Like Networking Marketing?

So what we’ve found to be the best option for those who like the idea of Network Marketing but have not achieve their goals yet is what’s called Affiliate marketing. So just like Network Marketing you get access to a done-for-you system where you don’t have to worry about the product, customer service, shipping or employees. But unlike Network Marketing – in Affiliate Marketing you do the work now, and you get paid now. You don’t have to wait 3 to 5 years to develop an organization because you are not recruiting or building a downline.

Can I Do Both?

The other thing is that you don’t actually have to choose between one or the other because they can be built at the same time. So what we do and what thousands of other network marketers are doing is we use affiliate marketing to get the upfront income now and then continue to build our network marketing business to obtain the long term residual income on the backend.

Also in Affiliate Marketing you can completely automate your leads and sales which creates ultimate leverage and reoccurring commissions. You don’t have to present and you don’t have to close because the marketing and sales are done for you – now that’s if you choose the right programs like we did. All you really have to do is provide traffic which is taking people from where they are on online to these affiliate offers.

How Can I Learn More?

So if you want to know more about how affiliate marketing works or how you could combine both network marketing and affiliate marketing then we’ve put a training video together that will teach you the basics of how to choose the right programs and what your next step would be. This training will also compare the different business models and show you how you can leverage them to create multiple streams of income without taking up all of your time.

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