Best Morning Practices of High Achievers

What time do you normally wake up in the morning?  Movers and shakers are strategic about what time they wake up each day and master the use of every minute they gain by waking up early.  Think of it this way, if the average night’s sleep is eight hours (i.e. one third of a day), one sleeps for one third of one’s life. If you live, say, 75 years, that’s 25 years asleep, or 9,125 days.  Every minute and every second we do not use effectively, we lose.   High achievers seldom hit the snooze button.  In order to be most productive during the day, we must take full advantage of what we do with the time we gain.   A question I often hear about high achievers is “How do they do it all?”  For the past year I have woken up between 5-6 am.  Truthfully, it took some time to get used to.  Now that I had that routine mastered, then came time to master what I did with the time that I gained.

Here are some best practices used to be most effective with the time gained from waking up earlier.  Successful people use gained hours to set the tone for the day and adopt healthy routines to ensure high level of productivity:

  1. Plan the night before/Set goals(Be proactive)
  2. Set a specific wake up time(As early as possible)
  3. Meditate(Savor on it, do not rush the process)
  4. Don’t check email first thing in the morning(Check only 2-3 times a day)
  5. Practice healthy eating and activity(Stretch, walk, jog, balanced diet)
  6. Read(Motivational, inspirational, educational)
  7. Practice gratefulness(Attitude regulator)
  8. Be present(Connect with loved one(s) everyday)

The early morning hours are some of the most important hours in the day. Knowing how to manage them well can set the tone of the day to make it most effective and productive.

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