Ambit Energy Getting Started

Determine Your Why

The first step of the proven Ambit system is to determine WHY you are doing this business. Watch the video below to learn the importance of this step.

Make A List

The second step is to make a written list of individuals who you would like to share Ambit Energy with. Watch the video below to find out who should be on this list.


Get Qualified!

Next, it is important that you quickly meet the customer points required to earn your first $100 in commissions. Watch this video to learn how to get qualified within your first 24 to 48 hours.

The Invitation

The invitation is the most important skill to master as a new consultant because it leads to new prospects seeing the Ambit Energy business opportunity. Study the video below to learn how to make a proper invitation in order to maximize your results.

The Presentation

There are several ways to show the Ambit Opportunity to prospects. Watch the video below to learn the different methods that we can use.

The Three Way Call

After your prospect has seen an Ambit Energy presentation you want to perform a three way call or introduce them to a leader. Watch the video to learn the etiquette of a Three Way call and why you should do this step every time.


Your List = Your Bank Account

Your List is your most important asset, and it is imperative that you learn ways to add to your list DAILY! Watch the training below for some simple yet POWERFUL strategies to increase your list 10-FOLD. This will blow your mind!

LinkedIn Prospecting Training

LinkedIn is a professional social network and is an excellent resource for prospecting. Watch the training below to learn how to find new professionals, connect with them, and share the Ambit opportunity with them. You will never run out of prospects to talk to if you implement these strategies on a consistent basis!