3 Ways to Get People to Notice You Online

One of the questions that new marketers ask me often is “How do I get people to notice me online?” They have probably been posting information and links about their products, services and opportunity publicly on social media and have not been getting much engagement. Perhaps, they have sent private messages to friends with a special deal or promotion, but they get no response. In fact they keep repeating the same actions believing if they do more then eventually they will get results.

If you are looking for more engagement with your marketing then below are 3 ways to get people to notice you online:

1. Define Your Target Market

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone on social media is in your target market. In fact, many individuals in your immediate network are not candidates for your products or services. They are just not going to be interested in what you are offering. And that’s ok!

Think about what it is that you are selling.

Ask yourself “Who would be my ideal customer, client or business partner?” If you are selling stake then are you going to have any engagement in a room full of vegetarians? Of course not. Therefore, it would be wise to find the room where the stake-lovers hang out.

2. Determine Their Problems and Points of Pain

Once you have identified your target market then next you must determine their problems and points of pain. Think about what they want less of or even what they may want more of. There is usually a need or a desire that is shared among all the individuals in this group. They are searching for something and are looking for a solution.

For example, if your target market includes middle-aged people then they are probably looking for ways that they can retire comfortably. They are also looking for solutions to keep them looking and feeling younger.

3. Become a Problem Solver

Now that you’ve identified your target market and what their points of pain are it is time to become a problem solver. If you’ve been correct up to this point then what you are offering IS the solution that they have been searching for! This is where the magic happens. People will start noticing you online when they feel that you are addressing their biggest needs, wants and desires.

Understand that they don’t want a product, service or opportunity. They want relief from their pain and issues. If you take the time to speak THEIR language and get them to know and like you, then you become trustworthy and they will respond to you online.

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